What is Stagedooring and How to Pull it Off!

Visit a Broadway stage for a show, meet the actors and learn how to prepare, perform and perform in front of a live audience of thousands of people in one of the most prestigious theaters in the world. Are you into stagedooring?

What is Stagedooring?

This stage experience, often referred to as stagedooring, offers the opportunity to meet some of Broadway’s most famous stars. Fans can have their tickets signed, talk to the stars and maybe even take a photo or two with one of their favourite actors.

To make the most of this experience, fans need to be prepared, but the process of performing on stage is not as simple as just going to the show and hoping for the best. We’ve compiled a list of insider knowledge to help fans have a great time at the stage entrance.

How to proceed?

Find out where the stage door will be: Information about stage doors in theaters is usually available online, but you can always ask the staff who work the show where it is during a performance. You can also learn more about the location of the theatre, such as where it will be located and the time of day.

During a performance, the stage door is visible behind a barricade or in the growing crowd, but not from the front of the theater.

If you are particularly interested in meeting a particular player, do your research before you leave. You can also ask the staff at the stage entrance if certain stars are coming out, as they often know who is coming and who is not. Some actors never show up at the door or on stage, but some do lurk, reducing the number of people waiting when the big star is on the show.

These answers should be treated with caution, however, as they are usually not as accurate as the actual number of actors in the series, but are still worth checking.


If an actor has two performances in one day, he usually stays in the theater all day. Even when they leave the theater, they probably won’t spend much time in front of the stage door and won’t have to behave, eat or rest until the next performance. Try not to walk to the door of a stage when you attend a matinee, but to stand in front of the stage so that you can be the first in line.

If you spend time with other people after the performance, you miss the opportunity to meet the actors or have them sign a piece. Otherwise, you will leave the theater right after the bow and have a few minutes to look around the theater before you watch it.

The crowd in front of the stage door fills up quickly and you want to try to get as close to the barricade as possible. Don’t let anyone push you around the door of the stage, but if you try and enter, you won’t.


We all have our favorite celebrities, be it on Broadway, in Hollywood, or on TV. Stagedooring is a great way to meet and chat with them for a little bit. Frankly, many of them enjoy it as much as you. But you really need to be respectful!

You can see these couples! But don’t turn it into stalking!