The Greatest Revivals on Broadway

Revivals are a perfect way to bring back a well-beloved show on Broadway or to breathe new life to a flop. Here are the greatest revivals on Broadway!

“Annie Get Your Gun” 1999 Revival

“Annie Get Your Gun,” tells the fictionalized story of a world-renowned sharpshooter marksman, WHO performed in Buffalo Bill’s West show. It originally competes at the Imperial and ran for one,147 performances before creating its thanks to West End the subsequent year. it absolutely was revived in 1966 and once more in 1999, wherever it competes at the Marquis for one,045 performances. The revival created some radical changes, like editing the book, adding new orchestration, dropping songs, adding many dance numbers, and restructuring the musical as a show-within-a-show. whereas this irritated some Great White Way veterans, others loved the recent take, and also the production went on to win the Tonys for Best Revival and Best player. Even its critics couldn’t facilitate however admire Bernadette Peters’ marvelous performance as Annie.

“Guys and Dolls” 1992 Revival

Everyone loves “Guys and Dolls.” If you don’t, then you’ll simply get the euphemism out. The show premiered at the forty-sixth Street Theatre in one950 and later ran for 1,200 performances. on the approach, it won the Tony for Best Musical and was elite for the 1951 newspaper publisher. it’s since seen 3 Great White Way revivals, the simplest being the 1992 production star Nathan Lane. it absolutely was meticulously and stylishly made, complete with attention-getting set style and placing costumes, and also the classic roles of Nathan port and Miss Adelaide were compete with sang-froid by Lane and religion patrician. It’s a masterpiece of a production that with pride stands aboard the initial and also the classic 1955 film.

“Cabaret” 1998 Revival

“Cabaret” was a large hit once it initially premiered in 1966 at the Broadhurst. However, things irrevocably modified with the 1993 Donmar Warehouse production. it’s here that the character of the Emcee became sexualized (complete with crotch suspenders and painted nipples) and Cliff’s bisexuality was given more depth. The 1998 Great White Way revival was based mostly on this production, complete with Alan Cumming reprising his role because of the sensual Emcee. it absolutely was a raunchier version star Natasha Richardson, WHO provided Sally Bowles with a lot of vulnerability and desperation than previous actresses. This arguably became the de facto interpretation of “Cabaret,” because it won four Tony awards and ran for two,377 performances, creating it the third longest-running revival in Great White Way history.

“Chicago” 1996 Revival

“Chicago” isn’t solely the best revival of all time, it’s arguably one in every of the best musicals, period. the initial, titled “Chicago: A Musical variety show,” ran for 936 performances between 1975 and 1977. It received a mixed reception and performed poorly, particularly compared to “A chorus.” The show probably would have drifted into obscurity if not for the 1996 revival. This version received way more praise (thanks partly to the O. J. Simpson trial), generated interest within the succeeding Best Picture-winning film, and quickly became one in every of the foremost well-liked plays on the Great White Way. In 2014, it became the second longest-running show in Great White Way history with seven,486 performances. It’s clear that audiences can’t get enough of all that jazz.


The greatest revivals on Broadway are excellent shows of their own. And in the case of Chicago – completely overshadowing the original!

One day we’ll see a Hamilton revival!