Strong Women of Broadway: Toughest Girls on Stage!

Empowerment has always been a theme in musical theatre, and Broadway playwrights have never been afraid to create strong female characters. There are always strong women of Broadway, but what about the other side of the coin?

Here are some of the best examples of female empowerment that can be seen on Broadway today, from the most powerful women in musical theater to the strongest female characters on stage.

Elphaba and Glinda (Wicked)

The two are inextricably linked, both in personality and character, and both are dutiful, good witches who are typical knights in shining armor. Glinda is an eternal witch, but she has to face her former friend who is playing with Elphaba. She’s initially shy But through abuse and disappointment, she is steadily developing into one of the most powerful women in musical theatre, a strong woman.

Regina George and Cady Heron (Mean Girls)

Regina and George get bedridden and Janis screams at them for being crown robbers and frightening people, but they are not.

Cady is a quiet new girl who has just come from the African savannah, and Regina takes her under her wing, only to have her young protégé eat her wings. Cady takes command, only to get retribution from a spiteful Regina, so Regina has to get her out of the wing.

Everything goes crazy, someone is even carted into a bus, but it ends well, and Cady and Regina combine their love for each other.

Velma Kelly and Roxie Hart (Chicago)

We are talking about a high-ranking lawyer, Billy Flynn, who will do everything he can to put his hands in his lap in a hot case, and you will forget him in no time. The case is dismissed, but Roxie uses it to turn her murder trial into a variety show, so that she can only add a second to her 15 minutes of fame. What follows is a series of episodes in which she does her best to disappear from the limelight, even pretending to be pregnant.

If you are a young parent, you should be very familiar with the adventures of these two, but both are very young and very strong women.

Elsa and Anna (Frozen)

Elsa is a strong-willed and determined leader who will lead the kingdom to glory, and Anna, still a child, is the queen of her own kingdom, Elsa’s mother. They leave their domains to protect Anna’s royal subjects from icy forces and fight against the evil Queen Elsa and her henchmen.

Eurydice and Persephone (Hadestown)

Would you trade a life of poverty and freedom for a golden cage, and what would you do if you could swap your place for someone? Someone who leads a prosperous and secure life with family, friends, a home and a place to live in a safe place.

Eurydice (Persephone) is one of the most powerful and powerful women in Broadway history, and a strong woman. She becomes the wife of poor Orpheus, who is abandoned by Hades to lead a secure underground life in a factory town.

In Greek myth, Orpheus dares to save her, but she is tough enough to take care of herself, though she regrets the decision. She is not afraid to choose the path Persephone is trying to escape, and even if she regrets her decision, she is still a strong woman. Musical theater has always been an attempt to empower those who need it, by addressing sexism with strong women of Broadway, paying due tribute to people of color, and highlighting the role of women in musical theater, especially in the world of musicals.

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