Great Bad Guys on Broadway

No show can be complete without its villains. The great bad guys on Broadway can make a good show great. And we’ve seen that many times. Check the list!

The Thenardiers

A couple of great bad guys on Broadway. They are a morally bankrupt couple who define themselves as terrible hosts, and although they seem happy, they don’t keep the pub down, serve terrible food, charge ridiculous extras or keep track of who is who.

In the musical, he has a daughter and takes care of Cosette, but later in the story, he makes plans to rob Valjean and unravel his secrets. As you would expect from a story like this, it treats him badly and he is treated badly by all stories.

Bill Sikes

This brutal villain is a member of Fagin’s gang and Nancy’s husband, and I really wish this awful couple had gotten a bit more attention than they did.

In the novel and stage version, Nancy is cruelly murdered, and he is basically a violent thief. In the course of the story, Bill wants to beat up poor orphan Oliver but is of course stopped by his loving wife. He is portrayed as insulting his wife and the audience who want to see him go.

Many actors have played the character in many adaptations, but one of the most famous is Oliver Reed. Of course, we all know Tim Curry when he plays the villain on screen, and there are many other great actors in that role, such as David Duchovny, John Leguizamo, Robert Downey Jr., and many others.


The Shakespeare character modeled on Claudius, Hamlet’s uncle and murderer, is begged by his uncle, the king of the country, Nara, and his brother Mufasa. Scar envied Mfuasa’s reign as king and, As soon as he is back, he makes plans to take him over. It takes a while, but eventually, Simba returns to claim him and he manipulates poor Simba, which ultimately leads to his death and N Mara’s accession to the throne.

His hard life can sometimes tempt him to drink and be grumpy in general, but his scars, Mufasa’s betrayal, and Simba’s manipulation make him a powerful force for good in the world of the Lion King.

Miss Hannigan

Hannigan is tough – drinking and letting his frustration run wild in the orphanage where little Annie lives, but also his love for the children in the nursery and the orphans themselves.

In the end, you come to talk about his plans to steal Annie, but you feel more compassion for him if he wasn’t so mean and kept all the money and clothes.

Miss Hannigan, you love her for her kindness, her love of her family, and her sense of humor, but also for the fact that she is such a good girl.

Judge Turpin

The villainous Judge Turpin strikes me as the most compelling, but there are so many other villains in the show and not just the bad ones. There are those who have committed terrible acts throughout history and who deserve their place on this list. But there is no person in authority who misuses what they are supposed to do, and that is one of them.

She is a woman who does almost nothing, crushes people, feeds meat and cakes to her customers, and then, of course, her own money.

Audrey II

When the sun is completely darkened, a florist, Seymour Krelborn, strolls through the garden looking for new flowers. Suddenly a strange plant appears, and the villain just shows that plants can be idiots, too. Audrey II, who is called Seymour Crush, is not so nice to him, but he is a good friend of the plant and a very nice man.

It turns out that this alien plant eats humans and has plans for global conquest, and the best it does is eat wankers (see Orin Scrivello). Audrey II manipulates Seymour by promising to reunite him with Audrey, but the alien succulents do not do it because all the good things they do eat wankers.


These great bad guys on Broadway are the salt of the land. They are the ones making the conflict. Without them, there would be no action in a show.

They are bad but they’d be amazing on the Tony Awards!