Couples on Broadway: Only The Loveliest!

It’s something most people want and have, but some musicals keep romance strong and keep it going in the theatre. Tell us about your favorite couple in a musical and tell us what’s going on in your theater! But here are our favorite couples on Broadway!

Guy and Girl (Once)

Once “the love of her life and the best love story in the history of musical theatre and even more in musicals!

It is not always easy, but love is not forced, it is reflected in real life, and one of the main reasons is that couples on Broadway behave like this.

Huey and Felicia (Memphis)

Huey and Dewey have a strong relationship, which is set in a time when the relationship between Huey and Dewey was very unacceptable. This contributes to the effectiveness, strength and strain of their relationship and their success as a couple.

Edna and Wilbur (Hairspray)

Edna is an icon of modern musical theatre today, but would she have been without her husband Wilbur, and what would her life have been without him?

Leo and Lucille (Parade)

For those of you who don’t know, this is about Leo, who is arrested for raping and murdering a young girl who worked for him in his factory. The fact that their relationship is real makes the story all the more heartbreaking, and Leo and Lucille eventually gain his freedom with the help of their friends and family.

George and Albin (La Cage Aux Folles)

For this show to break the barrier of portraying homosexuals in musical theatre, we would need a well-represented couple to speak out. Fortunately, George Albini shows genuine affection and respect for each other, is well represented, performs well, and is well represented.

All the Couples (Company)

You can’t just pick one or two musicals, so why not put together a list of the best musical couples on Broadway of the past 30 years? Each couple is super realistic, each couple has a different tribe and affection for each other, and they are unique in their own way.

Georges and Amalia(She Loves Me)

At the beginning of the show the two do not get along, but as the show progresses they show more and more affection, leading to adorable and hilarious antics. As the new Romeo and Juliet, they would show genuine affection and love for each other, and that’s not obvious.

Tracy and Link (Hairspray)

Through her mother, Tracy finds a man who loves her curves as much as she loves herself and him for it. This couple is a reminder to all the girls out there who don’t fit the stereotypical look that they can still find men who love you no matter what you weigh. Whether they’re beating their hearts, becoming famous or demonstrating black rights, this couple is showing their teen fans that love goes deeper than looks. It’s a disgrace It only took a few days for the couple to break stereotypes and show their love for each other so openly.

Emile de Becque and Nellie Forbush (South Pacific)

While most golden-age musical couples are kitschy and fake, this is a heart – captivating romance in the best sense of the word. G is for war and the dark secrets of the military, so they are seized by their love for each other and their passion for each other.

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