Christmas Carols: Merry Christmas!

The Christmas season is here and Christmas carols are played all over the country, but in shops, on the radio, and everywhere else you can imagine. 

“Abundance and Charity” from A Christmas Carol

Ebenezer Scrooge is coming up with a Christmas present that can get everyone in the mood for the season. This version, sung by the cast and crew of the musical “A Christmas Carol” from the Disney movie, rings in the joyous season for you. For the score, here is a list of all the Christmas carols from musicals with the most popular versions of each song. 

“We Need a Little Christmas” from Mame

The cast sing this slow song to the audience as a beautiful and reassuring transition into this season. Frog and Toad is a perfect show for a younger audience, and “Merry Almost Christmas” is no exception. This Tony-nominated hit from this year’s Broadway production of “Frosty the Snowman” – has many of the same themes as the original musical. 

“Merry Christmas, Maggie Thatcher” from Billy Elliot

If you’re interested in political songs, “Billy Elliot” is one of the most popular songs in the history of the musical and also a great Christmas song. Maggie Thatcher in London, “which she sang to the then Prime Minister herself in a jilted music number. 

“Surabaya Santa” from Songs for a New World

Surabaya Santa “makes you laugh when you listen to a concerned woman pleading with none other than Saint Nicholas. The Christmas scene would be perfect for a Christmas musical, especially one with such a great cast. Here is the score: “Song of the New World” follows several clips of unrelated songs from the scene. 

Here’s the score: “Song of the New World” follows several clips of unrelated songs from the scene, but it’s a great song for a Christmas musical, especially one with such a good cast. 

“A Christmas Song” from Elf the Musical

If someone in your life says humbug, that is the song you should sing, and if you say humbug, it is a song you should sing. Less well known than this list is the musical Elf, based on the hit film Elf, which features a soundtrack of Christmas music. If you are too young to hear Santa Claus and his elves, you can enjoy the mystical Christmas song “Shmuel’s Song.” The story follows Shmel, an old man, on a mysterious Christmas night as he searches for his wife and children. 

“A New Deal for Christmas” from Annie

One of the classics, “Annie,” contains a lot of Christmas music, and here’s the score. Tomorrow you will love the funny numbers, but remember the classical music of “Hard – Knocked Life.” 

Can there be a musical with a cast of the best Broadway musicians, and here’s the score, with some of the best Christmas songs from the musical “A Christmas Carol” and a few others. 

“Twelve Days to Christmas” from She Loves Me

Anyone who has been to the mall over the Christmas period knows how hectic it can be, but if Christmas is your favorite time of the year, then hear for yourself. The Christmas classic “Twelve Days of Christmas” has taken an amusing and chaotic turn with the musical “A Christmas Carol” and its film score. 

Regular Christmas carols may satisfy the average person but not the theoretician, so here are ten Christmas carols from musicals that you can add to your Christmas carol book. 

These Christmas carols might carry the holiday mood but are no short of rivalries. Or love stories!