Broadway Shows With The Finest Choreography!

Apart from music and star performers, musical theater is known for its dance number. We’ve gathered the best Broadway shows with the finest choreography!

The Bottle Dance – “Fiddler on the Roof”

At some point in the show, the newcomers decide to take a stand, and their extremely energetic routine reflects their desire to show the world that they are here to stay and ready to make the most of the day. It is certainly impressive to watch the performers perform their flip tricks on stage, but fans of the show will be delighted that their choreographer Christopher Gattelli has released a less acrobatic version of these routines so that everyone can stand up and dance without taking up a bit of space. This dance requires incredible precision and perfect harmony almost makes you want to try it yourself.

The curtain rises just before the show begins, but that’s enough to get your attention, and this Broadway classic is at its best. Experience the full glitz and glamour of Broadway as it prepares for its annual New Year’s Eve performance at the Metropolitan Opera.

The Dance at the Gym – “West Side Story”

The Sharks and the Jets introduce a breathtaking choreography that uses dance as an expression of gang rivalry. The only people who can bring adults together are Tony and Maria, and seeing the artists dance in unison is breathtaking. Later, however, the adults hope to end the rivalry by dancing; the tap shoes that come on stage with perfect precision are equally satisfying. When the curtain rises, you will be transported to a world where everyone stretches their heart out during foreplay.

All That Jazz – “Chicago”

It quickly becomes a huge dance, and you just can’t get enough of it; unless you’re in favor of it, it’s one of my favorite Broadway dance numbers of all time.

The steps are very deliberate and give the audience just enough time to enjoy the glamorous performer, and it’s super sexy and sultry. This musical number opens the show and sets the tone for everything else, so this show must go down in history as one of my favorite Broadway dance numbers of all time. Although Velma does not commit any deadly crimes, there is no way she could make the big solo career She was always wanted. To put it mildly, she turns her duo into a solo in this song and turns it upside down as no one else could.

One (Reprise) – “A Chorus Line

The famous climax at the end of the show will always be the star, but when you see him it’s the support of the actors in front of you in the audience. Director Michael Bennett hoped viewers would feel that people deserved more than the chorus line. Now they are all dressed the same and move in line with the chorus line, and it feels like the cast knows better than at any point in the show.

Broadway shows with the finest choreography can also be categorized with their longevity on stage. Some like them, like Chicago, have been around for almost 25 years!

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