Best Shows for Kids: Bring Your Children to Broadway!

Broadway offers shows for children of all ages and tastes, and let’s face it, the whole family knows by heart that you have to let go. Lion King, Aladdin, or Hamilton, your teenagers need to have a musical like Mean Girls and Hamilton. Sing with Elsa, enjoy the spectacular choreography of the Lion King, look forward to the magical world of Disney’s Frozen and the magic of Elsa’s magical dance moves. Join your loved ones by immersing yourself in the magical world of the Aladdins and singing along to Elsa. Come check out the best shows for kids on Broadway!

The Lion King

Based on the Oscar-winning Disney animated film, the cult musical debuted on Broadway in 1996 and grossed more than $8.1 billion by its 20th birthday. It is the second longest-running and highest-grossing show in Broadway history and one of the most successful running shows in Broadway history. Rate the best shows for children and give them to the critics, who take into account your child’s age and interests. 

It is an iconic theatrical event, where one lamp and three wishes bring infinite joy to the whole family. This timeless, child-friendly Broadway show will take your breath away with its glittering costumes, vibrant music, and memorable characters. It’s a timeless, kid-friendly, New York City musical show that will take your breath away. 


If your child can’t stop humming without letting go, give him the chance to do so in the most beautiful way in his life. The Broadway musical Frozen is a must-see, and it captivates audiences of all ages. It is recommended for children up to 8 years of age, with a minimum age of 7 years and a maximum age of 12 years. 

The brilliant fairytale-like Broadway show will certainly send a shiver down your spine, and this Disney adaptation will melt you down. Elsa is going through a big change and Anna tries to bring the family together while Elsa finds her inner strength. There is a mysterious secret that separates the two sisters, but Elsa’s true identity lies in her love for her sister Anna. 

This child-friendly Broadway musical is ultimately about love, courage, and empowerment. The groundbreaking effects and captivating costumes of this musical are a truly magical experience for children and adults alike. Leave the fairytale world of Disney classics behind and show selected Broadway shows that appeal to children who aren’t really children but aren’t adults or teenagers yet. 

Mean Girls

The Tina Fey musical based on the film of the same name is an undisputed teen favorite and recommended for children under 10 years of age. It premiered on Broadway in the summer of 2012 as a one-man show with limited scope and has since become one of the most popular shows for children and adults on Broadway. 

A visit to Broadway is a unique experience that the whole family will remember, and to make the most of it, consider your child’s age and interests when choosing the right music. You’ll love the variety of Broadway musicals, from classics to modern classics.

The best shows for kids on Broadway are timeless classics. They are entertaining for the young ones and carry nostalgia for their parents!

Many of those shows have the fiercest rivalries on Broadway!