Best Musical Numbers of Hamilton

Lin – Manuel Miranda’s masterpiece “Hamilton” gave us some amazing musical numbers. Many of them have the qualities to become pop chart-toppers. Here are the best musical numbers of Hamilton.

Alexander Hamilton

Miranda began working on this song and a few others while reading Ron Chernow’s biography of the Treasury Secretary, and eventually decided to turn it into a musical. This song is brilliant, starting with a beautiful rendition of Hamilton’s first line, “I am a man of my word,” recapitulating its heartbreaking and incredible opening in just three minutes. It sets the tone for the show and, in short, has a lot of influence, but it’s also one of Miranda’s best songs.

Aaron Burr, Sir

We get to know the two main characters Hamilton and Burr and at the same time the story of their relationship is presented to us. Aaron Burr is a man who is willing to sit quietly and see where the cards lie before deciding on either side. He values peace and comfort over conflict and justice, but he is also a fierce competitor for power and control.

It’s Quiet Uptown

After the devastating loss of Philip, Alexander and Eliza are grieving for everything that has happened to them. Hamilton, on the other hand, enters the stage with the intention of interfering in the revolution and asks Burr to stand or fall. That question will haunt Burr for the rest of the show, and cause him a lot of pain.

Perhaps the finest moment of all is when Eliza finally grants Hamilton forgiveness by grabbing his hand. This song features the final confrontation between Alexander and Hamilton, “Here we are, here we beat Alexander Hamilton,” in the final scene of the show.

It is a tragic and beautiful piece, and seeing Alexander weeping as he mourns all that he has lost, mainly because of his own actions, makes one shudder. When Jefferson and Madison dissolve into waterworks after the end of the whole thing, one is grateful for the reprieve. In the end, it is worth remembering that there may be hope for this couple, but only for a short time.

Dear Theodosia

These two orphans sing to their respective children and promise to be there for them no matter what, and to make the world a better place. This song beautifully captures the sincerity of Hamilton and Burr; both are people trying to “make it,” they just have different methods. It may not be as exciting as this one, but this song is just as important; it perfectly embodies Hamilton’s depression. When Philip is born, he becomes his soul; in retrospect, the song becomes heartbreaking when you know his fate.

British Invasion, “everyone says, and it’s one of the most powerful songs of the entire show, not just for Hamilton but for all Hamilton’s characters.

You’ll Be Back

In a musical full of hip-hop and rap, King George III serves as a brilliant way to separate revolutionaries “sense of empire from the one they want to secede from. Miranda says the idea for the name came from a conversation with Hugh Laurie, in which the British actor jokingly said: “America would come back.” He is one vicious bad guy!


The best musical numbers of Hamilton were very hard to pick. The whole show is a pure masterpiece!