Best Comedies on Broadway: Funniest Shows on Stage

If you like to laugh, Broadway is a great place to tickle your funny bones, and there are many plays and musicals on Broadway that will certainly captivate you. There will be more as the season progresses, but if you fancy a chuckle, guffaw, or a swipe at the theater, here are the best comedies on Broadway that will certainly hit the mark. 

Mean Girls

Tina Fey has caused a lot of laughter in the past with her comedy series “Saturday Night Live,” and for a reason. Fey has adapted the story for the musical stage, and although this Broadway show can pack in some laughs, it also tells a very serious story. There must be a reason why the Book of Mormon continues into the 21st century, right? 

Mean Girls is a comedy not only because viewers like a certain level of humor, but because it’s funny in itself to say his name three times. You start a new school and decide that you have real friends and want to join one of the most popular girl groups in your school, the Mean Girls. 


Beetlejuice is the funniest show on Broadway, and not just because it’s so much fun. Based on Tim Burton’s 1988 film, with Robert De Niro as the title character, it tells the story of a goddess – an addicted girl who moves into a literally spooky house with her tragically lost mother and then uses the powers of the titular spirit to take revenge on her seemingly callous father. From the self-obsessed phantoms to the bizarre costumes and the creepy sound effects, almost every line in Beetlejuice is a spook that might even give you a name. 

Beetlejuice closes on June 6, and Mrs. Doubtfire will be at the Stephen Sondheim Theatre on March 9. Mrs. Doubtsfire is the 1993 film in which one of the most famous actors of all time, Tom Hanks, plays a terminally ill, divorced father who impersonates an elderly British housekeeper to see his children. Tootsie closed on Broadway last year, leaving Dorothy Michaels as the best actress in the most popular comedy of all time on Broadway. 

Mrs. Doubtfire

An excellent new show on Broadway and one of the audience’s favorite best comedies!

The film won the Oscar for best film and the Golden Globe for best comedy. It’s one of the funniest musicals of all time and certainly lives up to the hysterical expectations. 


The company that won the Tony for Best Book is more of an intellectual comedy, but the product changes it a little as Bobby, now Bobby’s friend tries to reconcile the fact that somehow, to varying degrees, all his friends are happily married. The West End, where it won four Olivier Awards and returns to Broadway on March 2 for the opening performance of the Jacobs Theatre, a great work by composer Stephen Sondheim that will surely impress. 

Bad mood? Need a laugh? Head to Broadway for some good clean laugh! The best comedies provide excellent humor for people of all ages!

Or go to Central Park! Working out is a proven method to improve your mood!